Attorney Placement in Los Angeles

Rifkin Consulting provides the highest quality of legal services available.  If you are an attorney looking for placement with a law firm in Los Angeles, then Rifkin Consulting can help you with fast-tracking your career to success.  We know how to identify the best of the best in attorneys—and that means that we want to help you.

About Rifkin Consulting

Lorraine Connally, the Director of Legal Recruiting at Allen Matkins, says this about Rifkin Consulting:

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rifkin Consulting, considering I have worked with Diane Rifkin for several years and have found her to be very knowledgeable about the legal community. Whether she is representing prospective attorney candidates or working on a firm search, she consistently demonstrates a high degree of moral and ethical standards. Diane can be counted on for results, efficiency, candor, and confidentiality, while maintaining the human element and sensitivity that is sometimes lost with professional recruiters. I cannot say enough good things about Diane's professionalism.”

Ms. Connally poignantly touches on the reasons why Rifkin Consulting is a trusted name in the attorney placement community.  Our company offers:

·         Knowledge and years of experience successfully placing lawyers in great law firms

·         Moral efficacy that translates into transparent business tactics and strong, lasting business relationships as a result

·         Result-based approaches that get you the job you want as quickly as possible, while never losing sight of the client-sensitivity that you deserve

We value our position as your potential business partner, and know what it takes to work with you towards achieving a common goal.  At Rifkin Consulting, we treat you with the same respect and confidence that you would expect from our human resources department.

Even though we offer over twenty years of experience in attorney placement and search, our unfailing talent and passion for finding competitive lawyers with excellent skill sets the firms that deserve them are the qualities that have built us the name we are proud of today.

Our attorney recruiters here at Rifkin Consulting don’t rely on empty promises and idle chatter to reach their client’s goals—they take action the Rifkin way by maximizing your resume, experience, and knowledge when finding you a law firm that you will never want to leave.

Get Hired in Los Angeles Today

If you’re looking for attorney placement in Los Angeles, we will match you with an above-standard law firm.  Our exceptionally talented candidates deserve an exceptional firm for which to work, which will reflect the trajectory of your career and cement your burgeoning reputation as a lawyer dedicated to the same success-principles that we are committed to here at Rifkin Consulting.

We don’t just look at location and specific requests when conducting attorney placement; we are not satisfied with simply finding you a job as an attorney in Los Angeles, California.  At Rifkin, we want to get to know you and find you a law firm that is as passionate about your successful career as we are.  We use grade A technology, top-of-the-market strategic planning, and unmatched human resources to put you and your future career as an attorney in Los Angeles first.