Job Opportunities for Attorneys

Many people believe that three years of challenging exams and studious work in law school will guarantee a successful and high paying career. However, even lawyers and recent law school graduates have difficulty finding job opportunities in this economic climate. According to the Wall Street Journal, only 55% of 2011 law school graduates were able to find full time employment as lawyers nine months after graduation. The other 45% are either unemployed or working jobs that are not related to law.

Employment rates for attorneys are at a low and the legal field is becoming increasingly competitive. In this recession, it can feel utterly hopeless finding the right law-related employment opportunities. Career opportunities are extremely lacking and it is pivotal to find ones that actually match your level of professional experience and academic achievement.

In Orange County, the job search can be especially stressful and time consuming with various law firms located in Irvine, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Newport Beach. Finding the right employment opportunities require extreme research, vast knowledge, and strong connections. Do not toil any longer being unemployed or working for a law firm that does not fit your taste. For the best results, contact Diane Rifkin at Rifkin Consulting.

We Know Orange County

The recruiters at Rifkin Consulting offer services in attorney placement and can help find you employment as an attorney in Orange County. The trusted advisors will carefully review your resume and screen it for possible job matches. They will focus on your long-term goals when choosing which firms to place you. From  junior lawyers to senior partners, our recruiters can connect you with exceptional law firms located all over Southern California, including Orange County.

Rifkin Consulting has years of experience with superior technology and well established relationships to meet your attorney placement needs. Rifkin Consulting will find you exceptional employment opportunities with their vast resources and experience. The advisors will match your specialization in law and background with successful and well established law firms.

Attorney Placement Services

For many law graduates suffering from thousands of dollars of graduate school debt, finding employment immediately is crucial. Although firms only utilize the services of recruiters for attorneys with at least one year of post law school experience, our Resources page continues to provide helpful guidance and information. 

While it may seem impossible during this economic crisis, with the help of Rifkin Consulting you can find career opportunities from top tier law firms to sophisticated boutiques.

Rifkin Consulting has developed strong connections and relationships within the legal field and can help you create your own. Our recruiters have assisted junior associates and long time partners in finding successful and permanent careers. If you have spent endless hours job searching with no luck, contact Rifkin Consulting for attorney placement services. Our recruiters will save you the stress and time in career searching and help you begin your successful journey as an attorney.