Attorney Placement in San Diego

Are you an attorney who wants to join a premier law firm—a law group with nationally-renowned talent, and a world class reputation?  Do you live in the San Diego area, or anywhere in Southern California?  If you responded in the affirmative to these two inquiries, then we would like to take this opportunity to offer you the best in terms of attorney placement in San Diego.

Rifkin Consulting: a Client-First Foundation

At Rifkin Consulting, we have more than 20 years of practiced skill, experience, and healthy professional relationships that form the basis of our legal network.  What we can offer you in terms of attorney placement is built on a solid foundation of client-first principles—we don’t just say we will work for you, we show you with our actions:

  • An understanding of what you need, and when you need it by: your status as a burgeoning attorney is respected and valued at Rifkin Consulting
  • Preeminent attorney recruiters that are passionate about your success and are as driven as you making that success a reality—as quickly as possible
  • Empathy—our legal network here at Rifkin Consulting is comprised of long-standing attorneys that, together, represent decades of experience that we know is invaluable to you in your job search.  It takes a deep knowledge of recruiting expertise to truly understand what an attorney needs when pursuing and starting a new job.

The reputation that we have today was built long ago on the same principles that we use now in our day-to-day business: passion for your success as our client, client-to-client tailored strategies for job acquisition based on our knowledge of you as well as our business relationships with only the best law firms in the country.

We’ll Match You with the Best San Diego Has to Offer

If you are a lawyer looking for attorney placement in San Diego County, we won’t rest until we find a law firm that has a reputation as exceptional as your talent.  The course of your career is in good hands with our experts and refined team here at Rifkin Consulting.  We know that you share our principles of success—let us help you with attorney placement to find a firm that does as well.

Our strategic planning, unmatched legal technology, and competitive service will ensure that you are not just “assigned” a law firm for which to work—you’ll be treated like a part of the Rifkin Consulting family.  We want to get to know more about you, what your interests are as an up-and-coming attorney, and what your background is so that we can provide the best possible fit for your career.