Attorney Placement in San Francisco

Welcome to Rifkin Consulting.  We are a premier attorney placement firm with a significant focus on the San Francisco Bay Area, and helping lawyers with the right career match.  When you work with Rifkin Consulting, we take care of your search and placement development with competitive client-first principles, world-class technology, and skill that can only otherwise be described as “the Rifkin way.”  We know how to conduct attorney placement in San Francisco with precision and efficacy, which will save you time looking and get you into the office faster. 

When it comes to aiding firms and partners in acquiring the talent they need to make their law group an unrivaled success, we present outstanding attorneys from which to choose.  When it comes to helping young attorneys find a law firm to advance their careers—the Rifkin way is committed to offering them the best of the best in the way of superb options.

Our History Will Help You with Your Future

Our fine legal network is all encompassing.  We are founded on professional relationships that we have built to last and, over the years, those relationships have come to fruition.  Our attorney recruiters have been actively involved in the legal industry for more than twenty years, working with and for a wide range of law firms—everyone from corporations to national and international law groups.  This is important because it allows us to offer you unparalleled resources in attorney placement—we know the legal community, since we have been a central part of it for years; that knowledge, when combined with getting to know you as our client, translates into attorney-firm matches that are perfect every time, the first time. 

What our impeccable reputation and prosperous history means for you in real-terms is less interview time, fewer hassles of the organizational nature, and reduced time spent looking for that perfect job at that great firm that you know is out there for you, but have yet to find.  It is no exaggeration to say that, with our name behind you, your career options will exponentially increase; and not only during the attorney placement process, but throughout your career in law.

Rifkin Consulting Will Place You in an Exceptional Law Firm

At Rifkin Consulting, we believe that exceptionally talented up-and-coming attorneys deserve placement in exceptional law firms that will channel that talent and help it to grow.  We are committed to finding you not only a law firm with premier standards and a distinguished reputation, but a firm where you can be personally satisfied, where you will fit it in, and where you will be appreciated.