Legal Recruiters Can Find You Top Tier Law Firm Placement

Attorneys on the hunt for a new job often find themselves competing for the same few listings on the same public job boards.  Many don’t get very far and instead, take a position in a less than desirable company or firm.  Don’t put yourself through this stress.  Instead, engage a legal recruiter to help you in your search.  Legal recruiters are able to secure many private job listings from the law firms themselves that candidates operating on their own would never see.  If you’re merely searching the internet job boards, you could be missing out on your dream job.  The legal recruiters at Rifkin Consulting have the skills and the positions you need.

Legal Recruiters Work for You

At Rifkin Consulting, we want to place you in a top tier law firm.  As legal recruiters, it’s our job to find the best possible talent and match that person with their dream job.  Why settle for a temporary job that’s not aligned with your interests? Instead, expand your search with the help of a legal recruiter.  Our legal recruiters help candidates in the following ways:

  • Match candidates to positions in law firms which reflect their values and ideals
  • Advise candidates on the hiring and interviewing process
  • Provide information to help a candidate make an informed decision
  • Compensation negotiation assistance
  • Strategic assessment of candidate goals, strengths, weaknesses, skills
  • Career planning and strategic goal setting to help define your career path
  • Continued support for candidates after placement

At Rifkin Consulting, our legal recruiters seek to be a long term resource for you.  We specialize in lasting relationships so that when it comes time for your next career move, you’ll come to us.  Or when you’re a partner, you’ll remember the legal recruiters that helped you to secure the position that defined your career path.  We’re here to help your career flourish.

When You’re Ready for a Better Career

When you’re ready to take the plunge and go after your dream job, the legal recruiters at Rifkin Consulting are here to help you.  Our seasoned legal recruiters maintain relationships with representatives of many of the top national firms.  We regularly place candidates in competitive and highly sought after positions. Don’t you want to be among the elite? Call the legal recruiters at Rifkin Consulting to expand your horizons and help place you in the job of your dreams. 

The Test of Time

"We specialize in lasting relationships so that when it comes time for your next career move, you’ll come to us...We’re here to help your career flourish."

"Diane was a wonderful resource during my job search.  She was extremely responsive to my questions, gave me tips on fine-tuning my resume and cover letter, and provided material that helped me prepare for interviews.  She is very professional and knows the industry.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to transition. "  H. R., associate, national law firm (2015)