Making the Right Career Move

Gone are the days when employees took one job and worked hard for twenty to thirty years to retire with a gold watch. In today’s society, it’s common that employees have numerous jobs over their lifetime. Often times, candidates are seeking stepping stones on their career path to their dream job. But change can be scary, especially during economic uncertainty. How do you make that career move? Playing the career game often means candidates need to make tough decisions to get what they want.

To make the right decision, candidates have to decide what’s right for them. What are the factors which are most important in deciding whether or not to make a career move?

Decisions... Decisions... Decisions…

When candidates are faced with the choice to pursue a new position, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Is the company a right fit? A candidate must decide whether or not an employer’s values reflect their own, the state of leadership, the quality of work, the brand image and integrity, and whether the firm’s place within the community is in line with their own.
  • Is there opportunity for advancement? Candidates want to know whether or not to invest in a firm. Does the firm offer opportunity to grow with the firm and opportunities to widen a candidate’s skill set?
  • Is the financial package right? A major deciding factor is financial. Is the salary in line with the candidate’s expectations? Are there benefits offered? Are there extra incentives?
  • What is the company culture? Is it casual, dressy? Do people collaborate or work alone? How are successes recognized? Will there be a fancy title to reflect the amount of responsibilities?
  • Does this feel like a right fit? Is there something intangible stopping a candidate from jumping on the opportunity?
  • Will it be difficult to maintain a work/ life balance? Is the office too far to make it to the gym or children’s school plays? Will the hours require long nights at the office and virtually no time at home? Will a long commute steal all of a candidate’s free time?

Rifkin Consulting Wants to Make this an Easy Transition

Rifkin Consulting is people- focused. We realize that there are many factors which determine whether a placement would be a good fit for you. Because we hope to place you in a long term position, we want to know what your goals are, and what you’re seeking in a position. With these in mind, Rifkin Consulting can place you in just the right firm.