Law Firm Consultants Who Can Help You Gain a Competitive Edge

The challenges that each firm has in regards to recruiting and human resource issues can be varied and unique. Remaining at the forefront of today’s competitive legal community can be greatly dependent on how you manage and efficiently utilize the talent that you have as well as go about attracting the best new candidates for your firm. At Rifkin Consulting, we offer guidance in establishing the bridge between your attorneys and gaining success and stability in your practice. With our legal insight and superior resources, our attorney recruiters are able to provide valuable counsel to your law firm in vital areas such as:

Compensation Analysis

Every law firm is unique with different people, cultures and goals that may change over time. In order to remain competitive and appealing, firms need specialized compensation plans that will fit their needs. Our law firm consulting services can help you analyze, re-develop or devise a compensation plan for your practice that will:

  • Attract and retain key talent
  • Help your firm in strategic advancement and succession planning
  • Be flexible as your firm’s objectives change or grow
  • Be comprehensive with rewards, benefits and other policies

Once your firm has a refined compensation formula in place, Rifkin Consulting is dedicated to answering any questions that you or your team may have. We can also help create processes to support the success of your firm’s new compensation formula and ensure that it is implemented smoothly.

Attorney Retention

Finding successful and talented attorneys is not always easy. Therefore when you do find legal talent that you consider to be a valuable asset to your firm, you want to make efforts to ensure that you hold on to them. The attorney recruiters at Rifkin Consulting are available to review your firm’s efforts to retain your best employees. We can help you explore options and ways to develop the careers of your employees, nurture their talents and foster their desire to remain at your firm.     

Law firms invest a lot of resources in developing their lawyers.  It can be greatly beneficial to your practice in the long run to retain those attorneys so you can gain a full return on your investment. 

Strategic Growth

When you are focusing on providing quality client services, it can be easy to lose sight of your firm’s goals for growth. Let our attorney recruiters assist your firm’s efforts in devoting the time and energy necessary to maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving legal market. We can provide knowledge and expertise towards the organization of your current workface and new ways to expand it to improve client service quality, marketing performance and lawyer development.

By seeking qualified and experienced law firm consultants to handle your firm’s strategic growth objectives, you can be guaranteed of the most efficient use of recruiting resources in order to achieve continued success. Contact Rifkin Consulting today to find out more about the services that we offer and how we can help your firm gain a competitive advantage.