Today’s high tech society seems to move at the speed of light.  As firms grow and change, they need the flexibility to respond to new employment needs without having to hire an in- house human resources team.  Firms want to focus on the business of law and not be bothered with a lengthy search for the perfect candidate.  And often, resources are lacking for entire human resources departments. That’s where an attorney recruiter comes in.  At Rifkin Consulting, we offer law firms the ability to attract and secure top tier talent at both the Associate and Partner level.  Our attorney recruiters have large networks of candidates from which to draw and we carefully match an accomplished and sought after attorney to the perfect firm.

How Can an Attorney Recruiter Help

At Rifkin Consulting, we take attorney recruitment seriously.  Our attorney recruiters have decades of experience grooming candidates for placement in top tier law firms.  As attorney recruiters, we offer the following services:

  • Finding top tier talent to place in both Associate and Partner positions
  • Mentorship and grooming attorneys for placement in your law firm
  • Extensive and thorough screening of candidates
  • Strategic placements that match your firm’s values
  • Continued support to ensure a lasting placement

Our attorney recruiters value long relationships and lasting placements.  We work hard to ensure your firm is accurately represented and matched to an attorney of the highest caliber.  With more than 25 years of experience in the legal industry, Rifkin Consulting has “mastered the art” of attorney recruiter services. 

Call Our Experienced Attorney Recruiters Today

At Rifkin Consulting, our attorney recruiters have nearly two decades of collective attorney recruiter experience.  That’s what makes Rifkin Consulting so in demand.  One of our biggest strengths is our people.  Our talented team takes a personal interest in every single placement.  Rifkin Consulting offers the search capabilities of a large national attorney recruiter firm, but offers the personalized attention of a boutique attorney recruiter firm.  Clients often tell us that it’s this hands on approach that truly defined an exceptional experience.  We seek lasting relationships with not only our clients, but the attorneys we place.  We want to hear from attorneys years down the road that it was our placement that made all the difference in their career.  Call Rifkin Consulting today for premier attorney recruiter services and you won’t be disappointed.

Strategic Placements

"We work hard to ensure your firm is accurately represented and matched to an attorney of the highest caliber."