Leading Assistance with Lateral Hiring for Law Firms

Many recruiting managers at top law firms are often faced with challenges when it comes to handling the large number of requests that they receive from various legal partners for talented and skilled lateral lawyers at all levels. With the many other tasks that they also handle such as managing fall recruiting programs at law schools, human resource development, doing evaluations and more, having to also oversee lateral hiring can be overwhelming.

When you aren’t able to devote enough time and energy to finding the best most qualified candidates, it can be beneficial to have an attorney recruiter find legal talent for you. At Rifkin Consulting, our knowledgeable and experienced attorney recruiters have vast resources to draw from to find the right talent match for your firm.

Lateral Hiring Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Rifkin Consulting has achieved a strong tradition of successful lateral recruiting. We custom tailor the search to meet your unique hiring goals by pre-screening candidates to find people with the credentials that you specify.

According to recent trends, there has been an increase in lateral hiring among firms. However with the current challenges that many attorneys face in the job market, many may feel hesitant to make a lateral move from a secure position to a new firm. Our team of attorney recruiters has the skills to attract high caliber legal talent with established skills and help you navigate through the lateral hiring process.

Experienced in Guiding Law Firms Through Lateral Recruiting

For many attorneys, moving from one law firm to another is the most important career decision they can make. At Rifkin Consulting, our experience has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of the lateral recruiting process and what top attorneys are looking for when they are considering positions at other firms. We can prepare you for what to expect and work with your team in gaining the best partner and associates that will allow you to successfully propel your firm ahead of competitors. 

Get help from skilled attorney recruiters to handle your firm’s lateral hiring. Call Rifkin Consulting today to start your firm on the path to advancement and find out why we are leaders in legal recruiting.