How do you react at work when your job no longer excites you?  At Rifkin Consulting, we frequently receive calls from attorneys who are experiencing lulls in work, or a change in personnel, that affects their daily level of satisfaction. Sometimes these attorneys think that moving to another firm is the answer – and it often is.  However, during both economic downturns and even the normal business cycle, stagnation can occur.  Determining which the cause of your discontent is crucial, and will help you implement a course of action.

If you determine that changes have occurred in your firm that will prevent you from advancing long term, then exploring your options is the answer.  Rifkin Consulting thoroughly discusses the factors that contribute to attorney dissatisfaction and helps candidates desiring change to navigate the recruiting process. 

Should you determine that the lull is temporary and things will improve, find ways to beat back boredom on the job?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. DIVERSIFY AND DEVELOP SUPPLEMENTARY SKILLS; Such skills can be gained through courses that will enhance your knowledge, provide networking opportunities, assuming a leadership role outside of work, and reaching out to other departments for new and challenging matters.
  2. VALUE OF LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK; Do you live to work – or work to live? Exploring new hobbies, physical fitness routines, and rewarding outside charitable activities can provide added value to your life, and helps to keep boredom at work I perspective.
  3. SEEK NEW CHALLENGES; Speak with the appropriate parties about your desire to excel and accept challenging matters.  Expressing enthusiasm for projects that will stretch your abilities and present skills can set you apart from co-workers.
  4. TAKE A BREAK; make a list of things that you have wanted to do for a long time – whether it’s a vacation to some new destination, volunteer work, visiting old friends and family, or reading a good book. Once relaxed, it’s much easier to better evaluate your situation objectively AND to face it with renewed enthusiasm.

Evaluate your situation and find a way to get enthused again!