Attorney’s Guide To Personal Branding

A close friend of mine specializes in branding and marketing, so I often hear about the importance of a company having a strong brand.  Equally as important – maybe even more so – is personal branding.  Personal branding follows you wherever you work, live and play. 

The latest trends in business dress or grooming are rarely appropriate for the workplace.  While geographic location, type of firm and general company policy may be casual, be aware that the business suit is still the gold standard, and that there are times when it’s best to transcend business casual attire.  It’s not as much an issue of formality as it is one of impression; a client wants to feel confident that it is represented by an attorney who exudes authority and stability.

Your personal brand is how you present yourself to the world.  Personal branding goes beyond a blog, Bio or website.  It is also gleaned from Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking venues.    Your personal brand extends to your personal grooming, demeanor and even etiquette.  Although the term “etiquette’ is not used very often these days, good manners leave a strong impression with employers, potential clients and also possible referral sources.  Venture further in to your private life, and you will realize that it is also an impression that you give family, friends and acquaintances.

It’s extremely worthwhile to give significant thought regarding how you can stay true to yourself, while also consistently strengthening your personal brand.

By Diane Rifkin, Esq.



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