Will the Legal Community Embrace Facebook’s New Job Board?

The business of legal recruiting is always evolving. Today, Facebook announced a new job board and on its first morning, recruiters have already posted 1.7 million jobs from 5 different internet recruiting portals. These portals include:

• BranchOut

• DirectEmployers Association

• Work4Labs

• Jobvite


This new application was initially developed to offer job seekers one central location to look for work and interact. As a social recruitment site for legal professionals, the jury may still be out. What appears to be lacking is the caliber of professionalism that legal recruiting targets.

Facebook Lacks the Professionalism that LinkedIn is Known For

What’s missing in Facebook’s job board is the community of professionals that LinkedIn attracts. As an aggregate of current job postings around the net, it’s great. But as a legal recruiter, the level of professionalism inherent to a site like LinkedIn may be more appropriate. Many Facebook users treat their pages like a fun zone. That profile picture of someone downing shots on their last vacation doesn’t scream hire me.

The reason legal professionals keep coming back to LinkedIn is the professional community. In this forum, you can network, share tips and tricks, peruse articles about topics relevant to your career and gain support from a community of professionals. Legal professionals are comfortable in this setting and have embraced the forum as a professional space in which to interact. As a legal recruiter, you need to hang out in the spaces where your clients gather. And LinkedIn appears to dominate this space.

Until Facebook embraces a more professional atmosphere, its value may simply be as an advertisement space. As a legal recruiting space, the jury is still out.