Skilled San Diego Attorney Recruiters Can Help You Make a Lateral Move

When you're ready to make a lateral move, it's in your best interest to call a skilled San Diego attorney recruiter.  At Rifkin Consulting, we are skilled San Diego attorney recruiters who place attorney candidates in top firms.  No matter what area you specialize in, we've got the right stuff to help you make a winning lateral move.

The attorney job market is fiercely competitive.  In a particularly turbulent economy, attorneys are fighting tooth and nail to get noticed.  Don't fight alone.  Contact a skilled San Diego attorney recruiter to work diligently for you to ensure you make a smooth lateral move.

San Diego Attorney Recruiters Can Help You With Your Necessary Materials

Do you have a stand out resume?  How about a portfolio of your best attorney work products?  Do you have a law school transcript on hand?  When you're looking to make a lateral move, these are all necessary items.  Your skilled San Diego attorney recruiter can help you assemble these items correctly. 

  • Resume. At Rifkin Consulting, our years of experience as San Diego attorney recruiters means we've seen a lot of resumes.  And we've written a lot of stand out resumes for our attorney candidates.  Trust our skilled San Diego attorney recruiters to boil your resume down to what's important and to highlight your best attributes. 
  • Transcript. As experienced San Diego attorney recruiters, we're sticklers for details.  Unfortunately, many attorney candidates are not.  We want you to be prepared to gain the position of your dreams.  So we insist upon you having your law firm transcript.  We'll even help you to obtain it if you need!
  • Attorney work products.  Would you hire an attorney candidate without a portfolio or samples of his or her work? Most firms want to see what you can do. And they want to know that you can handle the work in their industry.  That's where a great portfolio comes in.  Experienced San Diego attorney recruiters like Rifkin Consulting can help you to assemble this portfolio. Depending upon the position you seek, you should have your very best work product that makes your skill set shine. Working with a San Diego attorney recruiter will ensure that your portfolio represents you well and stands out from the competition.

When You Make a Lateral Move, You Need a Great San Diego Attorney Recruiter on Your Side

When you work with a San Diego attorney recruiter, you gain the inside track.  Employers pay us to find top talent, so it's in our best interest to ensure you represent well and land the job of your dreams.  Why try to do it alone?  Get the help you need and deserve by hiring a San Diego attorney recruiter.  Rifkin Consulting has an excellent reputation as an experienced San Diego attorney recruiter and we'd love to work with you.