Tips for Effective Attorney Networking

Job Opportunities Lacking

During this economic downfall, job opportunities are slim to none. Even attorneys with impressive academic achievement and professional experience may have difficulty publicizing their skills or gaining employment offers. The legal field is becoming increasingly competitive with fewer jobs per day.

When searching for potential workplaces, one must work endlessly to increase their chances. One particular method of widening your probability of finding employment is through networking. Networking can be defined as the cultivation of productive relationships for employment.


Do not be fooled. Networking is not always laborious and boring – it can be enjoyable and consist of numerous social activities. While networking does require time and effort, it does not always have to feel like a tedious chore. There are several activities that can help widen your pool of relationships including:

·         Stay connected with old friends. Reach out to old colleagues and professors and strengthen the relationships you already have. You may surprised by how many individuals are willing to act as a reference or offer helpful advice.

·         Take part in social media networking. Create accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook if you have not done so already. Stay active and engaged on the boards so that you may create connections and be informed about important events and seminars. Social media networking will also assist you in reconnecting with long lost colleagues.

·         Attend events that you are interested in and put yourself out there. Try to network and create lasting connections with people you would enjoy working with in the near future. When event networking, remember to look presentable, friendly, and have business cards ready. Aim for energetic conversations that engage the listener. Do not appear shy or uncomfortable as you want to create an upbeat and positive first impression.

Attorney Recruiting

While networking may be able to increase your chances of job opportunities, it may not be completely effective in landing you your dream job. One should consider the importance of a flawless resume and cover letter while being able to handle the interview process with absolute ease. Attorney recruiting can help you with all aspects of building a successful career.

If you are an attorney struggling to find employment possibilities, you should consider attorney recruiting. The attorney recruiters at Rifkin Consulting have 25 years of practice in working with attorneys and law firms. The consultants will be able to improve your resume, prepare you for interviews, and discover top tier law firms in critical need of applicants. With well established connections and years of experience, the Rifkin consultants will be able to provide you with the right career opportunities for a permanent and enriching career.