What’s on the Back of Your Business Card?

Part 1; What Does It Say About You As a Person?

Our business cards serve a variety of purposes, all relating to marketing.  In the United States, we typically use our business card(s) for introductory purposes – informative, if you will.  Its primary purpose is to inform the recipient about our name, nature of our business and contact information.   Sometimes it’s perused – but frequently it’s discarded once a meeting is completed.  Modern technology now offers a myriad of methods for scanning the information and adding it to a CMS.

I believe that it takes a good deal more thought – and is much more challenging – to be able to articulate what the back of your business card would say….WHO are you?  Although you’re unlikely to include this personal information on the back of your card, it is really fundamental to understanding:

  • Why you do what you do
  • How you do what you do
  • What people don’t know about you (that you might wish they did)

In fact, this level of self-awareness should be periodically evaluated because we change

Question: If you were drafting text for the back of your card, what might it reveal?  Are you a charitable soul who takes great pleasure in making others’ lives better?  Do you sing opera in the shower?  Are you enjoying writing poetry that no one will ever read, but doing so makes your soul sing?  Is gourmet cooking your favorite form of exercise?  Are you an avid reader of mystery novels?  Based on your answer(s), are you spiritual, philosophical, logical methodical, pragmatic, impulsive, athletic…?  Sometimes seeing our “personal profile” in black and white reminds us of what’s important to us – and also what makes us unique.  In a world where we frequently are over-extended in so many ways, this is truly a purposeful exercise!

The Next Step:  It’s often said that one’s personal life and business are a reflection of each other….is this true of you?  Do you do what you love – or what you need to do to get a paycheck (probably what most people do)?  If you are among the latter group, can you take this understanding and find ways to incorporate WHO you are into your work?  Will you set aside a day, an hour, an afternoon, or a commute to ponder what would enhance your daily routine to make you feel more complete?  It’s not selfish – it’s caring.  The more satisfied we are with our daily lives, the happier and more content those around us will be.  Enjoy the journey!